Today we are going to talk about another great aid for anyone who is learning how to sing. I like providing advice for beginning singers that is a bit unusual. Advice that you don’t see everywhere else, like my tip from the last article about using an indoor fountain to help your singing.

So what do I have in store this time?

This time I’m going to recommend getting a quality audio sound system for your car. The key to a good car audio system is good speakers and an excellent subwoofer. The sub I have is the JL Audio 12. It is not an overly expensive subwoofer, but it is not a cheap one either. For our purposes here you don’t even need one, but I recommend getting one anyways. But definitely don’t spend too much. Just make sure it sounds good.

Car audio speaker playing music

The main reason you want a good car audio system is that it makes listening to music in your car enjoyable. You really get into it when the music sounds great as you are driving. And getting into it is exactly what we want. Because when you get into the music, you enjoy singing along and you give it your all.

And that’s what I want you to do. I want you to sing along to songs while you are in your car. This is time where you really aren’t doing anything else anyway, so you might as well practice your singing. And if you’ve got a great stereo system that is really pumping out the tunes, then you will be motivated to really pump out the sound with your vocal cords as well. I know this probably isn’t advice you’ll get from your vocal coach during your vocal lessons, but it is effective nonetheless.

Now I can already hear the objections from some of you. You’re worried what people will think when they see you singing like a maniac in your car. To that I say: who cares? Let them think what they want. You’re working on your voice and that is more important than any of that. Someday when they are watching you sing on TV, perhaps they will remember that they one day saw you practicing and might rethink their own habits.

Now in the summer, you might be driving with the windows open and then people will hear you sing. That may be a bit harder for some to overcome, but I recommend going for it anyways. Maybe don’t sing when you are at a stoplight, but keep doing it when you’re driving. By the time anyone notices, you will already be gone. And after all, aren’t you practicing to become an actual singer like Michael Harding? You don’t become one without practicing and you also don’t become one without having people hear you sing.

In fact, the goal of a famous singer is to have people hear you sing. That means you need to sing in public. So why not do it in your car while you are driving and listening to music on your amazing car audio system with the booming subwoofer. Now I know some of you are huge vinyl fans, as am I, but you can’t always listen to vinyl.

That said, you can obviously record your vinyl collection to a digital format and then listen to that in your car. Personally, I don’t really like that, because it’s not the same as listening to an actual vinyl record. When you’re in the car, listen to digital files. When you’re driving, you can’t hear that special vinyl sound anyway. So you might as well just listen to the digital version.

Then, when you’re at home, break out your turntable record player and your vinyl collection. In your car use your subwoofer, your speakers, and your digital music player. And if you don’t have any of them, get them. You can have someone else install them, if you aren’t able to do so yourself.

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