running water is relaxingDo you want to sing better?

Of course you do.

So what have you been doing to achieve that?

I’m guessing you’ve been taking lessons and even practicing a lot. That is great, but there are also other things you can do to sing better.

These are all little things, but added up they can make a big difference. Things like nutrition. If you take care of the proper nutrition, it will have a very positive effect on your voice.

Warming up and cooling down properly is another huge thing you can do. This ensures you don’t damage your voice and you always sound your best.

Most people already know about things like this, but they may not be aware of the effect relaxing and calming down can have. And that is why one of the most relaxing things you can do is listen to running water. That is why we recommend getting an indoor fountain.

How an indoor fountain will help improve your voice

Michael Harding himself swears by meditation to help him sing better. I’m not sure what he uses to meditate, but there are many things people can do. They can use relaxation tapes or sounds of nature, for example. Let’s look at that second one. Sounds of nature are great. You can buy a CD and pop it in and it will help you relax.

But you know what’s even better?

water wall fountain

Real sounds of nature.

If you live out in the country,  and even if you live in the city and simply do some indoor gardening, then you probably know this. You can sit outside and listen to the sounds of nature and it will work wonders. But for most of us who live in a city and away from nature, it can be hard to replicate this. The aforementioned CDs work, but they are not ideal. Enter the indoor fountain.

Different types of indoor fountains.

When it comes to indoor fountains, there are quite a few different types. The two main ones will look at are the large wall fountains and the smaller tabletop fountains.

Wall fountains

Wall fountains hang on the wall. They generally have a background surface and the water splashes down from the top and runs along that surface until it hits some stones in the bottom. These fountains are often beautiful and they create a very distinctive running water sound.

The drawback of these fountains is that they are expensive and quite large. But if you can afford them and you have the space for them, these are the best way to relax. Installing one of these fountains will definitely help you or your child sing better, because few things are more relaxing. This relaxation will really help your vocal cords.

Tabletop fountain

Tabletop fountains are smaller, as the name suggests. They are meant to place on top of a table or a dresser or something else similar.

They often have a theme, for example may be they have a few little rocks or they have some plastic leaves or something similar the water runs down. This creates a splashing effect.

Because they are smaller, the sound of running water is not as loud and distinctive as it would be from a wall fountain. It is a drawback, but on the plus side tabletop fountains generally cost a lot less and they also take up much less space. If you’re just getting started with meditation or with using running water to relax, tabletop fountains might be your best bet.

I don’t think Michael Harding himself had a fountain, but if he had thought of it I’m sure he would’ve gotten an indoor fountain to help him relax. These things are really wonderful and if you use them to relax, that relaxation will carry over into your singing and will make you sound better. Through the use of a fountain, your voice will improve and you will become a much better singer. It’s that simple.

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