country music singerPeople are always saying that turntable record players are the best way to listen to music. Usually when they say this, they are talking about classic rock or classical music. But if you ask me, vinyl is the best medium for any type of music. And that includes our favorite type: country music. More specifically, it includes the country music of Michael Harding.

The main reason vinyl records are best for any type of music is that they pick up and transmit all of the little imperfections. This may sound strange, but it is the imperfections that make music unique and special. Digital files, assuming they were not recorded from vinyl or cassette, are too perfect. They are too far removed from a live show. Vinyl is much closer to the live show with its imperfections.

Of course, vinyl is not always possible. When you are driving in your car, for instance, you obviously can not listen to a vinyl record. So just embrace new technology for the time being and get yourself a booming car audio system. Then go back to vinyl when at home. I digress.

The reason classical music and classic rock are generally seen as genres suited for vinyl, along with jazz and blues, is that they are older. This music was recorded in the analog format. New music is recorded digitally, so if you transfer it to vinyl, you are transferring what used to be digital to vinyl. This is not the same as recording to vinyl originally.

classic record playerThis is why it is generally the older music that is considered best to listen to on a classic turntable. And I feel this is true. I don’t really listen to much newer music, so this has never been an issue for me. I know vinyl is making a comeback these days with younger people, so perhaps they are listening to their favorite new artists on vinyl. I don’t know. They might also just be listening to older records.

Either way, Michael Harding is not a new artist. He has been around for long time and he is also unsigned, which means that he does not have all the production techniques that a lot of today’s artists have. His music is raw and you want to hear it in a format that brings out that rawness. Nothing does this better than vinyl.

So, have I made you want to get your own turntable record player now? If so, there are a lot of different options. Way too many, if you ask me. Your best bet is to go to a site like Top Record Players, which reviews and compares a lot of the best turntables on the market. Using their reviews, you could find the record player that is right for you and make sure you don’t get one that has a lot of features you don’t need or one that is no good and will break down in a couple of months.

You want a high-quality record player, but you don’t want to overpay for it. If you have a local record store, they might be able to help you with this. But for most of us, we have to buy a record players online. And if that is the case for you, you definitely want to use Top Record Players to find the best options. Once you know which one you want, go ahead and buy it. A good one can be had for under $200. This is definitely not too much to pay for the ability to listen to music the way it was meant to be listened to.

If you’re as big of a Michael Harding fan as I am, you want to hear his music in the best possible way. This means getting a good stereo system, with a quality receiver and very high quality speakers. Even the speaker wire should be high-quality, as should all the other cables. Then, you need to get yourself a turntable record player. Hook it up to this receiver and you will be listening to music the way it should be listened to. More importantly, you are listening to Michael Harding the way you should be. Life doesn’t get any better.

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