Many parents want their kid to join a band and start playing, but when it comes to it they don’t know how to choose what the kid will do. In some cases, it’s quite hard to tell at once if a child possesses some qualities needed for a specific instrument, which can be frustrating for some parents. Fortunately, there are some things to look for in a kid. And don’t forget that voice is also an instrument.

Choosing the Best Possible Instrument

  • Based on personality.
    Trumpet and the saxophone can be considered the instruments for the extroverts, as well as the flute, which usually makes the kid stand at the very front. It’s quite important that the child feels in the right place and is quite cruel to push a shy and quiet boy or a girl into the center of the stage. This could even make the child hate the band and the practices. So make sure your kid feels comfortable with the instrument and on the stage.
  • Based on the body shape.
    This might seem really weird, and if you look at 4 or 5 different random bands you might want to argue with this since the people playing are all so different. But actually, it makes sense with the height. The tall person would have more trouble with the French horn, whereas the short kid playing bassoon is practically inconvenient. Trombone go well with the people with the equal size of the teeth and oboe matches with the above-average intelligence.
  • The desire is the most important criteria.

Of course, the things above matter a lot, and it’s great if it’s all matches together, but the first and the most important thing is to make sure your child’s wishes are fulfilled. There is no need to make him or her struggle with the instrument they don’t like. Most importantly, continue to support your child and their instrument after you bought it. When he needs replacement parts, get them. And don’t be shy about purchasing other items that will help your child become a better musician, like a table top or wall fountain.

How Does Playing Music Benefit Your Kid?

  • Brain power.
    It’s widely known that playing musical instruments can greatly benefit the brain development and make your kid smarter.
  • Memory boost.
    Memorizing and learning a lot of new things will make a child work and process things quicker as well as improve their memory.
  • Social success.
    Getting a lot of new friends with the same interest is really good for the kid and will make him or she feel nice about playing friendship, and company. They will also understand the ways the society operates earlier, which will be of a great assistance.
  • It correlates with the social success and having a lot of friends, a special hobby and effective skills will boost up the child’s confidence.
  • Fully-developed personality.
    Learning a lot and all the benefits above will really help with the development of a balanced and unique personality. Discipline the music bands involve will teach a kid a lot.


There are a lot of benefits playing in a band include and music can really make your kid much smarter, disciplined, successful, etc. But it’s crucial for them to like it, otherwise, nothing will really help your kid, but only make them hate what they’re doing. So before you think of the body shape and the personality of your future band player, make sure it’s really what he or she want. It’s the only way an activity and skills can benefit a person. And if he or she does want to learn, get him a great teacher and maybe upgrade your car stereo, so he or she can practice singing on those road trips, and do it in style.

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