One of the most popular questions asked by the people who contact us is where they can buy tickets to our live concerts. The times when people needed to go to special places, stay in queues, and wonder whether they can get any ticket at all are gone. With the development of the Internet, everything is much easier now, as you can buy a ticket to our concert online. No queues, no disappointments – order a ticket using your credit card while going to work or having a rest at home.

Concerts are the best way to listen to a singer like Michael Harding, followed closely by vinyl records. A distant third is in your car, assuming you have a powerful subwoofer and a great car sound system. When it comes to buying tickets, there’s quite a number of options to choose from.

  • You can buy tickets to our lives on most global services like Facebook or eBay – just fill in the Search field with the name of the band and the concert. Many major services have special subsections where you can search and buy tickets, so check it out.
  • There are many special websites that offer tickets to different concerts. Try Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Ticketnetwork, Ticketsnow, etc. You can choose any website of your liking, just use your favorite search engine to get the most popular and reliable services. We try to provide most modern services with equal access to our ticket base.
  • We may consider a possibility of selling tickets to our concerts on this website, so you don’t search for the best prices and hesitate which service to choose. But this is the question of the future, so please stay tuned for the latest updates.

Please consult with the staff by contacting us if you find any unreliable service claiming to sell our tickets for super cheap prices. Not all the services can be trusted, unfortunately, so to ensure your choice is right, contact us right away. We try to provide our fans with the best service, and the convenience of buying tickets is one of our top priorities. That’s why we try to eliminate all the scammers who attract people with the cheapest prices and then don’t deliver any tickets at all.

Also, make sure you follow the updates on our official website, so you know when exactly to buy tickets to get a chance to meet us. All the lives, ticket sales start and finish dates, and tour schedules will be described in the respective articles, and again if you want to know more about the venue, the best tickets, etc., contact our staff.

Hope we can see you on one of our lives one day. Check the website out, maybe we’re coming to your city soon!

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